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Become a Patron of the Marx Memorial Library!


We need your help to continue preserving and growing our world class collection of archives and books on the working-class movement and engaging new generations in socialism and its history.


As we embark on a new phase of work expanding our formal education offer and planning for the redevelopment of our building, we need guaranteed core income more than ever.


We are asking you to become a patron, and commit to donating at least £250 per year

 This is what your support could secure for us:

  • £250 x25 bespoke archive boxes to protect our collections
  • £500 Artist facilitator and materials for a family/school workshop on our history
  • £1000 Printing costs for an educational publication

Patrons are a very special, valued group of supporters


As a patron you will:

  • Receive a limited-edition enamel badge
  • Have your names listed in Theory & Struggle, our LUP journal
  • Receive an annual invitation to Lenin’s birthday event in April


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