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A series of three lectures: 'State power, transitions and modes of production'


Free admission


These three lectures will examine state power transitions from one mode of production to another.


In the first lecture, Jonathan White will examine Marx's approach to transitions, whether it is possible to talk of a sequence of progressively 'higher' modes of production - and the implications for socialists today.

In the second and third lectures, John Foster will examine issues of productive forces, class formation and state power in transitions: from feudalism to capitalism; and then from capitalism to socialism.

In this examination, he will draw particularly on the work of Alexander Chistozvonov.


Links to book tickets here:


Lecture 1 : Marx's approach to transitions BOOK TICKETS

10 February 2022, 7pm


Lecture 2 : Productive forces 1 -Feudalism to capitalism BOOK TICKETS

17 February 2022, 7pm


Lecture 3 : Productive forces 2 -Capitalism to socialism BOOK TICKETS

24 February 2022, 7pm






Autumn 2021 lectures and meetings now available to view on the Past Events page:

1. '50th Anniversary of the 1971 TUC and the struggle against the Industrial Relations Act'

with John Hendy QC and Carolyn Jones, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights

2. The Economy after Covid: A series of three lectures:

  • ‘After Covid: back to normal’ (Michael Roberts, Chair: Prof. Marj Mayo) 
  • ‘Unequal Europe; Unequal World’ (Prof. Costas Lapavitsas, Chair: Prof. Mary Davis)
  • ‘Industrial and regional strategies for economic renewal’ (Prof. Jonathan Michie, Chair: John Foster)

3. Panel discussion - Marxism and Science 

Professor Helena Sheehan (Dublin City University, history & philosophy of science). Dr Leo Impett (Durham University, AI & computer vision) and the Morning Star science team: Dr Rox Middleton (Bristol University, biology), Dr Liam Shaw (Oxford University, computational biology), Dr Joel Hellewell (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, epidemiology).

4. Food, Farming and the Future: A series of three lectures:

  • 'Feeding Britain: More than we can chew?' (Tim Lang & Charlie Clutterbuck)
  • 'Food, multi-nationals and neo-colonialism' (Sarah Woolley, Amanda Campbell & Scot Walker)
  • 'Plough to Plate - foodworkers and the future' (Sarah Woolley & John Burbidge)

4. Roundtable Discussion: Democracy, Neo-liberalism and Britain's Centralised State (Part 2)

Chaired by Labour Peer, Pauline Bryan. Speakers: Katy Clark (MSP West of Scotland), Sean Griffin (author, 'Remaking the British State'), Kevan Wilson (Unison NW Regional Secretary), Beth Winter MP for Cynon Valley.