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Our 'Lectures and meetings' page is updated regularly with details of current and forthcoming lecture series, one-off lectures, panel discussions and book launches. You'll also find details of the latest activities on our home page, events page and social media. Why not sign up for our e-newsletter to receive regular updates.


We'll soon be posting news of our autumn series of lectures and meetings starting in September 2021.


Marx Memorial Library's 'Recordings of previous events' webpage gathers together the recordings of all our previous online events in one place, providing you with a superb resource bank of historical narration, academic analysis and discussion on topics of labour history, trade union history and social history. These recordings are listed chronologically and you can access freely by scrolling through the contents. You can access this content also via the Past Events section of our events page.

Explore our Learning Resources page for a variety of resources related to some of our past events: including Powerpoint slides, resource lists, texts, speeches, programmes and information about some of our past courses.


Here's a reminder of our most recent 2021 online programme highlights: 

Launch of the 2021 Issue of Theory & Struggle, the journal of the Marx Memorial Library

Thursday 8th July 7pm

The 2021 issue of our journal Theory & Struggle published by Liverpool University Press is out now, featuring articles on international and local struggles along with historical and theoretical debates. This issue has a particular focus on Covid-19 and its economic, political and social aftermath.

We celebrate the launch with a panel from our contributors looking at class struggle then and now with historian Prof. Mary Davis, Marxist Economist Michael Roberts, International theoretician and activist Vijay Prashad

Attendees can access the latest issue of Theory & Struggle through the LUP website (paid access/subscription).

Members of the Marx Memorial Library receive a free copy of Theory & Struggle every year and have access to the complete archive of the journal online. See the Marx Memorial website to find out more about the other benefits of becoming a member and join up online.

Online lecture: Was Mao a Marxist? 

Thursday 1st July 

Was Mao a Marxist? Mao and the Chinese peasant revolution (1925-1949)

One hundred years ago, on July 1st 1921, the Communist Party of China was founded by a handful of people who, for the sake of secrecy, held their first meeting on a boat on a lake to the south of Shanghai. Today, the CPC is a huge organisation with a membership of 91 million people.The CPC came to power with the support of the vast majority of the population: the peasants. 

Dr Jenny Clegg is an academic, activist and long term China specialist. Her PhD on China’s peasants in revolution was awarded by the University of Manchester in 1989. A revised version will be published later this year by Praxis Press.


Online panel: 'Historical Memory and the Fight Against Fascism (Part III)'

Tuesday 22nd June 


This third of three online panels organised jointly by Marx Memorial Library and the Society for Co-operation in Russian and Soviet Studies on the battle for historical memory brings together representatives to discuss the background to the ongoing attempts across Europe to rewrite the history of the anti-fascist alliance in the 1930s and 1940s and present-day initiatives to combat them.

Chaired by Dr Jonathan White, speakers include Dr Almudena Cros, President of Spain's Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales [Association of Friends of the International Brigades] and Dr Vladimir Vasilik, Institute of History, St Petersburg University.