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Marx Memorial Library's 'Recordings of previous events' webpage gathers together the recordings of all our previous online events in one place, providing you with a superb resource bank of historical narration, academic analysis and discussion on topics of economics, labour history, trade union history and social history. These recordings are listed chronologically and you can access freely by scrolling through the contents. You can access this content also via the Past Events section of our events page.

Explore our Learning Resources page for a variety of resources related to some of our past events: including Powerpoint slides, resource lists, texts, speeches, programmes and information about some of our past courses.




Online Lecture - 50th Anniversary of the 1971 TUC and the struggle against the Industrial Relations Act

9 September 2021 (7pm) 

Fifty years ago, in September 1971, the Trades Union Congress voted to defy a Conservative Government. It instructed all unions to refuse to implement the Tory’s Industrial Relations Act and to resist its restrictions on the right to strike.  Within a year this defiance, climaxing with the declaration of a general strike, resulted in the abandonment of the legislation.  

Join John Hendy QC and Carolyn Jones, Director of the Institute of Employment Rights, for an online event examining the implications of this victory, and the solidarity that secured it, for the trade union and labour movement today.

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Online lecture - The Economy after Covid: A series of three lectures

7, 14, 21 October 2021 (7pm)

These three keynote lectures will provide a Marxist analysis of economic developments in the aftermath of Covid. In this first lecture, Michael Roberts will examine how far capitalism’s ‘normal’ crisis trends are now re-asserting themselves.

In the second lecture, Professor Costas Lapavitsas will consider how far governmental responses to Covid, both direct and financial, have exacerbated inequalities of development both within the EU and globally. Finally, Professor Jonathan Michie will focus on Britain and the need for genuinely democratic strategies for industrial and regional regeneration in place of those being currently developed by the Johnson government. All lectures start at 7 pm and will be delivered via zoom.

7 October - Michael Roberts ‘After Covid: back to normal’ (Chair: Professor Marj Mayo) 


14 October - Professor Costas Lapavitsas ‘Unequal Europe; Unequal World’ (Chair: Professor Mary Davis)


21 October - Professor Jonathan Michie ‘Industrial and regional strategies for economic renewal’ (Chair: John Foster)



Panel discussion - Marxism and Science 

A panel discussion on the relevance of Marxism to science in the modern world

28th November 2021 (7pm)

This panel discussion brings together a range of experts: Professor Helena Sheehan (Dublin City University, history & philosophy of science). Dr Leo Impett (Durham University, AI & computer vision) and the Morning Star science team: Dr Rox Middleton (Bristol University, biology), Dr Liam Shaw (Oxford University, computational biology), Dr Joel Hellewell (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, epidemiology).

Together they will discuss the contribution of Marxism to a range of issues including:

  • the nature of scientific ‘facts’ and our understanding (as in physics, chemistry, biology) of the universe
  • the processes by which this understanding is acquired (the ‘scientific method’) and wider issues in the philosophy of science
  • the applications of that knowledge – in manufacturing, medicine, communications (‘Information technology’) and virtually every other aspect of human life – including the Covid pandemic!

There will be an opportunity for participants to ask questions and to contribute their own views to the discussion.


Online Lecture - Food, Farming and the Future: A series of three lectures

4, 11, 18 November 2021 (7pm)

In Britain and beyond, the food system is in crisis. Malnutrition exists in a world of plenty. Growing levels of obesity are associated with ever-growing profits for the manufacturers and distributors of junk food while workers in agriculture, distribution, retail and fast-food outlets suffer low wages and often precarious employment. Small farmers – not just in the Third World – are enslaved by debt while ‘cash crop’ farming, leaves local populations poor and hungry. Intensive agriculture degrades soils, pollutes waterways and is a significant contributor to global warming.

In this series of three lectures prominent contributors will present a Marxist perspective on the politics of food and agriculture and examine the changes necessary and how to achieve them.

• Thursday 4th November: Feeding Britain – more than we can chew


Tim Lang (Professor of Food Policy, City University and author of Feeding Britain: our food problems and how to fix them (Pelican, 2020) and Charlie Clutterbuck (food campaigner and author of Bittersweet Brexit The Future of Food, Farming, Land and Labour (Pluto, 2019). Tim and Charlie are joint authors of More than we can chew: the crazy world of food and farming (Pluto ,1982). Chair: Jim Mowatt, (Director of Education, UNITE and Trustee of the Marx Memorial Library)

• Thursday 11th November: Food, multinationals, and neo-colonialism


Alex Colas (Professor of International Relations. Department of Politics, Birkbeck, University of London, Director of the MSc in Food, Politics and Society and co-author of Food, Politics and Society: social theory and the modern food system (University of California Press, 2018) and Dr Bhabani Nayak (Specialist Professional at the Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow) Chair: Roger McKenzie (General Secretary, Liberation and Trustee of the Marx Memorial Library

• Thursday 18th November: Plough to Plate – food workers and the future


Sarah Woolley (General Secretary, Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union), Amanda Campbell (Editor, UNITE Landworker) and Scot Walker (poultry worker and Chair of UNITE 's Meatworkers' Stewards Combine Committee). Chair: Chris Kaufman (ret’d Nat Officer UNITE Food, Drink & Agriculture sector).