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Online course - Trade Unions, Class and Power

This eight-week interactive course seeks to understand trade unions and union members of today within a century of historical perspective.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 - 7:00pm

This eight-week course seeks to understand trade unions as operating today and does so within a historical perspective of the past century. It examines why people join trade unions, why they become active trade unionists and what determines the effectiveness of trade unions in representing the interests of their members.

The course seeks to answer these questions within the wider context of Britain as a class society and with an understanding of the process by which the exploitation of wage labour takes place.

Using historical examples, it examines those occasions when the trade union movement has been able to achieve major victories for working people – as well as the tactics of employers and governments in seeking to reverse these victories.

The course provides participants with online materials, asks for written on-line responses as the basis for weekly on-line discussion and is supplemented by four fortnightly zoom discussions led by the tutors.

The course is based on the principle of mutual learning from participants drawn from a range of occupations, age groups and levels of experience.

Participants can take part (apart from the supplementary zoom discussions) at times of their own choosing.

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