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Online Course - Capitalism, Crisis & Imperialism: An introductory course

An eight week course to deepen understanding of the relationships between capitalism, crises and imperialism: through history and in the present

Tuesday, 18 January 2022 - 7:00pm
Email: library@marx-memorial-library.org.uk

Want to understand why the US and its ally Britain are today challenging China ?

Join our introductory level on-line course!  You will be provided with texts and learning materials online, plus the opportunity to engage with tutors and students via the Moodle platform, and five Zoom tutorials.

Course duration: Eight weeks, accessible from 18 January 2022

Course content:

The course is organised around four themes:

• Imperialism: how and why it has developed through the twentieth century

• Capitalism and crises: how and why capitalism generates crises and the changing nature of crises in the twentieth century

• The nature of capitalism’s current crisis

• The way in which monopoly and the concentration of wealth ownership impacts on democracy

The course materials are supplied online – with selected readings and videos. Learning comes from on-line interaction with tutors and other students combined with five zoom sessions.

Zoom sessions : Dates and links to join the Zoom tutorials will be issued to registered participants prior to the sessions taking place.

Participants are drawn from a range of different occupations, ages and with different experience in terms of workplaces and study. All are welcome!