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ONSITE SATURDAY TOURS of the Marx Memorial Library

Trained guides offer visitors an insight into our unique, radical history.

Saturday, 17 September 2022 - 12:00pm
37a Clerkenwell Green, Marx Memorial Library & Workers School, London, EC1R 0DU
Email: m.jump@marx-memorial-library.org.uk
Phone: 02072531485

The Marx Memorial Library hosts weekly guided tours of our historic building every week on Mondays.

Explore the building’s medieval cellar and historic vaults; visit the room where Lenin worked in exile 1902-3; view original displays such as the 1938 British Battalion banner of the volunteers who went to fight fascism in Spain; and learn about significant events such as the Paris Commune 1871 and the Mineworkers' Strike 1984-5 through our extensive collections.

At the heart of the British Labour movement for over 80 years, the Library has a fascinating story to tell.


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