1956: the unveiling of the bust of Karl Marx at Highgate

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1956: the unveiling of the bust of Karl Marx at Highgate

A 'from the archives' pamphlet from the Marx Memorial Library. Published to commemorate 60 years since the unveiling of the Lawrence Bradshaw sculpture at Marx’s grave. Includes transcriptions of speeches given at the original ceremony made by Harry Pollitt and JD Bernal. 

On 14th March 1956, a bust of Karl Marx was unveiled at Highgate Cemetery. It was designed by socialist artist Laurence Bradshaw. The inauguration of the monument occurred on the anniversary of Marx’s death. Two speeches were made at the graveside: one by JD Bernal, renowned scientist and President of the Marx Memorial Library at the time, and one by Harry Pollitt, General Secretary of the Communist Party. These speeches, which concern the everlasting legacy of Marx’s writings and the philosophical ideas he espoused, are printed in this pamphlet as part of the ‘from the archives’ series, exploring the vast and diverse collections housed at MML. 

5 pages
Published 2016