South Wales Miners: Glowyr de Cymru

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A History of the South Wales Miners' Federation 1898 - 1914

The long awaited history of the South Wales Miners bids fair to eclipse in popular interest the author's previous works on British and Scottish Miners. The story launched in what almost seems the quiet backwater of the Price/Wage Sliding Scale, soon comes into the main stream of British party politics and industrial strife.

There is a vivid portrayal of contending personalities in that generation before the first world war, often set forth in their own words. Outstanding amongst them are the founder of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie and the young Liberal politician Winston Churchill whose successive ministeral duties brought him into close relation with the miners of South Wales. Out of the almost insurrectionary situation of 1910 in Glamorgan there has come a wide-spread belief that Churchill was responsible for the shooting down of Welsh miners and that Tonypandy in the Rhondda was once a scene of massacre. In destroying this picturesque myth Page Arnot uncovers an array of facts that are stranger than this long-lived fiction and also richer in their interplay of personalities.

R. Page Arnot
George Allen & Unwin Ltd.