Theory & Struggle 2021 (No. 122)

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This extended issue starts with a focus on learning from history, marking the publication of the first volume of the Unite History Project series, followed by sections focused on the implications and challenges of Covid-19. For the first time, this 2021 issue of Theory & Struggle also includes two review articles.


1 Editorial Marjorie Mayo

Marxist Understandings of past and recent struggles: Learning from History
 2    The Triple Alliance, the miners and Black Friday, 1921: Mary Davis
 8    Wal Hannington and the unemployed workers' struggles in Britain in the 1930's : Roger Seifert
 22   The labour movement after Corbyn :  Andrew Murray

Covid-19 and its economic, political and social aftermath

 32   Pandemic economics: The global response to Covid-19 : Michael Roberts
 46   Food, diet and the pandemic: Kate Bayliss and Ben Fine
 58   Covid and the politics of nature : Ted Benton
 68   The 2020 turning point: Towards a new cold war or a new era of multipolarity? Jenny Clegg   

 80   Covid-19 and mutual aid:Prefigurative approaches to caring? Marjorie Mayo       

 92  Covid-19 and public health: Allyson M.Pollock and Louisa Harding-Edgar

International responses to the pandemic                                                                             

112 Viet Nam in the fight against Covid-19:  Communist Party of Viet Nam 

118  Cuba and the Covid-19 pandemic : Bob Oram 

Covid-19 and trade union struggles 
132  Workers, trade unions and labour law post Covid-19: Time to seize the moment : Carolyn Jones 
142  Covid-19 and social care: Union strategies to reshape a dysfunctional sector : Kevan Nelson 
156  Roundtable discussion - Organising cleaners in the context of Covid-19: Helen O'Connor, Heather Wakefield, Marjorie Mayo and Jonathan White

Marx Memorial Library: Lectures and Events
164   Historical memory and the fight against fascism: Ralph Gibson
170   The potential for a progressive paradigm shift: John McDonnell
178   Lenin's ideas on revolution: Are they still relevant today? David Lane
190   Engels Memorial Lecture: Women's oppression, the origin of the family and the condition of the working class: Mary Davis
200  MML operating in a time of Covid: Challenges and opportunities : Meirian Jump
204  2021 Karl Marx Oration: The Paris Commune: Lydia Samarbakhsh

Review articles 

208  Contesting Piketty : Ben Fine                                                                                           

218  A quick and easy overview of some recently published research into current and historical labour relations : Roger Seifert

Reviews   Jonathan White, Ines Newman, John Green, Richard Clarke, Andrew Murray, Bruni de la Motte, John Foster, David McLellan, John Kelly, Robert Maisey, Alex Gordon, Jim Mowatt