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Online Course - Marxism, the State & Revolution commencing 9 January

What is 'the State'? Where did it come from and why do Marxists want to break it up?  How has the state changed and what happens when the working class actually takes state power? All these questions and more will be discussed in this new online course which will introduce you to the Marxist theory of the state and its role in revolution. 

The course operates on a distance learning basis and lasts eight weeks.  All you need is a computer or a mobile phone.  The course provides direct access to readings and videos through a system called Moodle. This also enables written discussion with other students – and is supplemented by a zoom session at the end of each fortnightly module. So everything is accessible and enables you to participate in your own time. The course starts with an introductory class on 9th January, and then classes on 23rd January, 6th February, 20th February and 5th March.