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Robin Page Arnot, James Klugman and Andrew Rothstein, three Communist educators who developed the Workers School at Marx House

To mark the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party, Marx Memorial Library is presenting three talks on honour of the educators who founded and developed the Workers School.  Professor Mary Davis will talk on the life of Robin Page Arnot, Principal of the Workers School from its foundation in 1933 to the Second World War. A founder member of the Communist Party, Page Arnot was  Secretary of the Labour Research Department up until 1926.  James Klugman was Trustee and leading figure in the Library after the Second World War and donated his collection of documents and artefacts to the Library.  As head of the Communist Party’s Education Department, he trained many trade union activists in the post-war period. Professor Roger Seifert will talk on the impact of his teaching and his pioneering work in introducing small group informal educational methods.  Andrew Rothstein was also a founder member of the Communist Party. A Balliol history scholar he was press officer of the Soviet Mission in Britain from 1920 to 1945 and Chair of Marx Memorial Library for much of the post-war period. We will discuss his work in reviving and redeveloping the Library in the 1970s and 80s.

Capitalism, Crisis & Imperialism

This course led by tutor Sorcha Foster focuses on Lenin's 'Imperialism' and its relevance today. Each class will be built around two questions and will draw upon the life experience of those attending as well as knowledge of the texts. 
At the end of the course you should have secured:
• An understanding of Lenin’s Imperialism and its place in the development of Marxist theory
• An appreciation of Marxist theories of crisis as applied to the 1930s and the present
• An understanding of how the State sustains capitalism in our era and the implications of this for democracy

An Introduction to Marxism

With a focus on the fundamentals of Marxism and its relevance to understanding and action, this course of four classes will cover an introduction to Marxist theory, applying it to a discussion of relevant issues today, such as: the changing nature of work and exploitation, austerity and the gig economy, racism, women’s oppression, class society, revolution and climate change.