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Marx Memorial Library Privacy Policy - October 2020


The Marx Memorial Library (MML) is a library, archive and education charity dedicated to spreading knowledge and understanding of Marxism and the history of socialism and the working class movement. We are committed to handling the personal data of our users, members and supporters with care and respect and in compliance with current legislation. In particular we do not pass information to third parties for marketing or trading purposes. This privacy policy gives further details on how we gather, store, access and use personal data.


The Marx Memorial Library collects data on members when they join the MML, on those who register for courses, classes, lectures and events, who donate funds and who purchase goods from us through our website.

We also collect data of those who sign up to our fortnightly e-newsletter, either when they complete one of the aforementioned transactions, when they sign a form at the MML, or complete an online form regarding e-newsletter subscription on our website.

The data we collect includes name, contact details and some basic demographic data - gender and date of birth - in addition to information about the individual’s transaction with the MML.

If you choose to make a donation, your billing details will be requested in order to process the donation. We will also ask for your Gift Aid preferences and check these are current, up to and including four years after you initially confirmed them.

Depending on your privacy settings, you may provide permission to collect data from social media and online services such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google.

The Marx Memorial Library may also use publicly available data to support our fundraising initiatives. This could include press and media sources, archives, housing market websites, official company websites, charities and arts organisations, Companies House and shareholder information in the public domain.



Members’ data is collected through legitimate interest in the work of the MML. Information on financial transactions -  registration on courses, donations the purchasing of merchandise -  is collected for accounting purposes.

Members and those who subscribe to our newsletter receive a fortnightly e-newsletter and occasional notices on our education programme, events, exhibitions, fundraising appeals and MML merchandise.

Members are also sent information on events specific to their membership including on arrangements for the Annual General Meeting and reminders regarding the renewal of their membership.

Data on individual subscribers to our e-newsletter is collected with clear consent about the future use of their data.



The data we collect is stored securely on our CiviCRM database system hosted by GreenNet.

Members’ data is passed to Liverpool University Press for the sole purpose of enabling the distribution our annual Journal Theory & Struggle. A link to their policy regarding MML member data can be found here.

All other data will not be shared with any other organisation. Members’ data will be stored until they have cancelled their membership, or a year after their membership has lapsed. Consent from newsletter subscribers will be sought every three years. An ‘unsubscribe’ option will be included in all communications.

Data on individuals and their financial transactions with the MML will be kept for six years.


If you believe that the Marx Memorial Library holds information on you have a right to ask for confirmation on whether we are processing your personal data and/or a copy of your personal data. You are only entitled to information about your personal data and not information about other people unless you are acting on somebody else's behalf with their expressed written consent

You have the right to edit or amend the data that we hold, and to ask that your data be deleted and removed from MML records.



Email requests should be sent to our data controller, Meirian Jump at



This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.