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We need your help to preserve some of the most fragile and often-used items in our collection on labour movement history.

We hold a full run of Daily Worker and Morning Star newspapers dating back to 1930.

They urgently need to be housed in bespoke sturdy acid free boxes. This will transform their preservation and our ablity to handle the volumes without causing additional damage.

We are asking our friends and supporters to sponsor a box, a year or even a decade and help us preserve this unique piece of history for generations to come.

Why not select a birth date, anniversary, significant year or formative decade?! 

Donors will benefit from

  • a label crediting their support on each of the boxes they sponsor; the memory of your gift will be nestled in the archive stores forever.
  • an invitation to a thank you reception marking our 90th anniversary next year

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    Thank you for wanting to support the work of the Marx Memorial Library.

    Since the library's foundation in 1933, in response to the rise of fascism in Europe, we've been at the heart of the British labour movement, advancing education, knowledge and learning in all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of socialism and the working class. We couldn't do what we do without your help.

    We need your support to ensure a secure and thriving future. You can help by:
    •    Becoming a member
    •    Making a donation
    •    Becoming a Patron
    •    Passing a model motion supporting the Marx Memorial Library in your local union branch 
    •    Remembering us in your will


    Why donate?

    Sydney Trades Hall was built by and for the trade unions of NSW. These unions had their beginnings at around the time the Tolpuddle Martyrs were transported. The agitation for democratic rights that was part of the release campaign carried on through the Chartist movement. Some of these Chartists came to the colony of NSW (as it then was) and were key organisers of the eight hour day movement. Many of the early trade unions in NSW were branches of British unions. Sydney Trades Hall is a repository for the memorabilia of that movement and the history of radical and labour movements in Australia, just as the Marx Memorial Library is in the UK. Solidarity

    Sydney Trades Hall, donor to Tolpuddle Martyrs Project

    The work of the MML gathering, preserving and promoting the writings of Marx, his contemporaries and interpretations of them, continues to provide new generations with examples of theory and practice on which to make sense of current conditions, and helps to inspire them to work for revolutionary change

    Claire Weiss, Friend of the MML
    August 2016

    In a rapidly-changing world, where media moguls peddle mass misinformation to fox and befuddle the masses and 'airbrush out' people's history, the MML maintains the archive and 'the red thread' of workers' struggles for truth and justice down the centuries. The library is 'a weapon of the revolution' and I am proud to support its work

    Wendy Butler, donor
    August 2016

    I think MML is a unique resource for anyone doing Marx-related research, with a great ethos, history and staff

    David Ireland, donor
    August 2016

    Understanding how society has developed is key to understanding how best to progress to a more just and equal society. The thinking and writing of Marx is as relevant to solving the world’s problems as ever. I am delighted to support the Marx Memorial Library through a charity set up to memory of my mother, Anne McLaren, a lifelong Marxist.

    Professor Susan Michie, donor
    August 2016