Trade union education

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Since its foundation in 1933 Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School has served the British Labour Movement and working people, in preserving its past and in providing practical education for workers dealing with current and future concerns. 

Our in house taught course provision at MML covers the below listed themes. These can be accessed remotely by via live streaming and are on offer to trade union organisations wishing to participate.

•    Trade Unions Class & Power
•    Capitalism, Crisis & Imperialism
•    Understanding the Labour Movement & Exploitation

In addition a team of trade union tutors, convened by MML has written three new courses for use by trade union. These are:
•    Women, Work & Trade Unions
•    Trade Unions & Black Members
•    Trade Unions & Young Members

These courses are rooted in an understanding of trade union history and the enduring conflict between capital and labour. They can be tailored to specific unions and are available for purchase.

Please email for further details.