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Online Course - An Introduction to Marxist Economics

Get to grips with Marxist economics with the Marx Memorial Library

Tuesday, 26 October 2021 - 12:00am
Email: library@marx-memorial-library.org.uk

Whether you are new to Marxism, or are familiar with the theory or simply enjoy a lively debate with people from a variety of progressive backgrounds, this eight week online course aims to provide a challenging and enjoyable experience.

It is taught primarily through written interactions between tutors and students, and is therefore available 24/7, supplemented by fortnightly zoom tutorials on a Tuesday evening. It is supported by access to a rich variety of readings and videos. It begins by explaining how Marx came to develop his ‘labour theory of value’ and why it is still relevant to trade union struggles. The second class looks at the social and political conditions required for capitalist exploitation and how these have changed. The third class examines why capitalist economic systems are inherently crisis-prone and the fourth and final class looks at the tendency for the rate of profit to decline and its implications for today’s world of monopolies and piratical investment companies.

Please note that course content will be available to view online from 26 October 2021.