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The Economy after Covid - a series of three lectures (Part II)

Prof Costas Lapavitsas considers how far governmental responses to Covid have exacerbated inequalities

Thursday, 14 October 2021 - 7:00pm
Email: library@marx-memorial-library.org.uk

These three keynote lectures will provide a Marxist analysis of economic developments in the aftermath of Covid. In the second lecture in the series, Professor Costas Lapavitsas will consider how far governmental responses to Covid, both direct and financial, have exacerbated inequalities of development both within the EU and globally.

This will be followed by a third and final lecture in which Professor Jonathan Michie will focus on Britain and the need for genuinely democratic strategies for industrial and regional regeneration in place of those being currently developed by the Johnson government. All lectures start at 7 pm and will be delivered via zoom.


7 October - Michael Roberts ‘After Covid: back to normal’ (Chair: Professor Marj Mayo)


14 October - Professor Costas Lapavitsas ‘Unequal Europe; Unequal World’ (Chair: Professor Mary Davis)


21 October - Professor Jonathan Michie ‘Industrial and regional strategies for economic renewal’ (Chair: John Foster)