Albano Nunes: Celebrating the Portuguese Revolution and Its Lessons 50 Years

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10 April 2024

Albano Nunes - former International Secretary of the Portuguese Communist Party & Participant in the Portuguese Revolution of 1974

Albano Nunes, currently member of the Central Control Commission of the Portuguese Communist Party, was an active participant in the revolution.  The Revolution overthrew the fascist regime in power since 1926 and marked the culmination of two generations of illegal struggle by trade unionists, by agricultural workers in Portugal’s south, by those struggling for liberation in Portugal’s colonies and by clandestine organisation in Portugal’s conscript army.  The PCP helped coordinate these struggles. The resulting mass movement of the Portuguese people brought a socialist constitution pledging public ownership, the nationalisation of the big monopolies, cooperative ownership of the big landed estates in the south. The revolutionary government backed and assisted the process of full colonial liberation by the movements in  Portugal’s ex-colonies.