Energy & a Just Transition: A panel discussion on climate and energy policy

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6 June 2024


Energy policy is promoted by government and by Labour since its scrapping of its £28bn ‘green pledge’ as a choice between economic ‘growth’ (and jobs) and the environment.  The reality is that energy companies now rake in eye-watering profits while millions struggle to heat their homes or pay their bills in the ongoing cost of living crisis.  

Simon Coop is national officer for energy and utilities at Unite the union whose meticulous and detailed report ‘Unplugging energy profiteers’ makes an unanswerable case for public ownership of energy distribution networks, domestic power suppliers and the North Sea’s reserves of oil and gas, to bring an end to flagrant profiteering.  Simon will introduce the report, outline the policy options available and discuss how campaigns like Unite’s ‘Take the Power Back’ can put energy policy centre-stage.

Sean O'Neill is Secretary of the GMB's Glasgow Education branch.  Within his local Wyndford Residents Union -he campaigned to protect the community's pioneering heat and power system and the architecturally famous Wyndford Tower blocks.  Sean will examine the challenges and potential of local campaigning involving community organisations, stressing that ultimately only public ownership at national level can resolve the problem. 

The Unite report can be downloaded from or read online at