JD Bernal: his life, work and peace collection

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30 October 2019

On 30 October we launched a new online catalogue of our Bernal Peace Collection archives now searchable here https://marx.soutron.net/…/Def…/en-GB/RecordView/Index/76847

The cataloguing project was funded by Beryl Huffingly and completed by Project Archivist Joseph Dance. This is a first - and important - step in opening up these unique archives on the world peace movement in the post war period to new audiences.

Last night we heard from Jane Bernal who described her father as a gentle man, a brilliant - endlessly curious - scientist, a polymath and a tireless, committed campaigner for peace.

Liz Payne brought greetings from the World Peace Council, quoting Bernal's own words which still ring true today 'the use of the bomb not only destroys civilisation, but disgraces it'.

Chair Claudia Webbe summed up by paying tribute to a JD Bernal, a dedicated socialist, and looking ahead to further online and education work MML can now undertake mobilising these newly catalogued archives.