The Peace Movement in Britain: Challenges Past and Present

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22 June 2023

With Kate Hudson on the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament; Liz Payne on British Peace Assembly (British Peace Committee) and Andrew Murray on Stop the War. Meirian Jump in the Chair.

At a time of mounting international crisis the meeting will examine the respective roles, past and present, of Britain’s peace organisations. First, the British Peace Assembly developed at the height of the first Cold War in 1949-1950 as part of the World Peace Council which continues today as the major peace movement in the global south. Second, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament formed in 1956 and is today Britain’s major movement opposing nuclear weapons.  Thirdly Stop the War was formed to oppose the invasion of Iraq and is today the major organisation mobilising for peace. The chair, Meirian Jump, will highlight the Library’s Bernal Collection, the major documentary archive of one of the founders of the World Peace Council.