The News International Dispute Exhibition

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In 2011, the Library hosted an exhibition to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the momentous year-long industrial dispute at Wapping in 1986. Organized by the News International Dispute Archive, it was supported with material from the Printers’ Collection and from Unite. The NUJ and the Campaign for Press & Broadcasting Freedom were also joint sponsors.

This online presentation displays the original exhibition panels which describe graphically the story of the dispute between News International and the powerful print unions and of the effects on the 5500 workers who were swept aside by a management intent on removing every obstacle along the route to a global media empire.

The Printer’s Collection is situated at the Marx Memorial Library in Clerkenwell, the historic heart of London’s printing industry and an area long associated with the labour and trade union movement.  The collection was donated originally by the Graphical, Paper, Media & IT Sector of Unite the Union in 2009, and has been supplemented subsequently by numerous generous donations of material by printworker activists. It is an unrivalled collection of UK print, paper and publishing trade union records, memorabilia, banners, posters, photographs, badges and historic artefacts.The full exhibition toured the country for more than five years and is still available.