Theory & Struggle 2014 (No. 115)

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This inaugural edition of 'Theory & Struggle' explores theories related to Marx's ideas and provides commentary on contemporary working-class movements worldwide. 

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Research Article

2 Introduction Alex Gordon
4 1864-2014 150 years of the First International

2014 Karl Marx oration

5 2014 Karl Marx oration John Douglas


6 What can we say about the crisis of 2007/2009? Costas Lapavitsas

Research Article

14 Bob Crow Alex Gordon
15 Globalisation: Is Marx still relevant? Eric Rahim
18 Art of the Soviet avante garde Christine Lindey
20 Developments in Britain 2013-2014 Andrew Murray

Book Reviews

24 Reviews M Mayo, John Foster, Nick Wright, Photos Lysandrou

Research Article

30 James Connolly papers Graham Stevenson
31 Autumn 2014