Theory & Struggle 2015 (No. 116)

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This issue tackles core theoretical concepts of Marxist principles, as well as focusing on topics from MML's education programme, such as the National Question in Britain and the work of activist Claudia Jones. This issue also introduces an expanded review section, to highlight key debates within the readership of Theory & Struggle.

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4 Developments in 2014-2015 Alex Gordon
8 Reflections Meirian Jump
10 2015 Marx Oration Yuri Emilanov
12 Ilyenkov and Dialectical Materialism Jonathan White
18 Vygotsky and Marxist artificial intelligence Leo Impett
22 Economic theory and policy Jonathan Michie
32 Chartism, democracy and Marx and Engels Malcolm Chase
38 The International Working Men's Association 1864 Harsev Bains
44 Political education and the WEA Pete Caldwell and Peter Templeton
52 On Marx' method and the study of history John Foster
60 Polemical Essays of E.P. Thompson John Ellison
66 The right to strike John Hendy
70 British Twentieth Century history John Foster
74 Charlie Hebdo Martin Rowson
76 The National Question in Britain Pauline Bryan
80 Claudia Jones: her work in the USA Mary Davis
82 Bypassing the choke points of world trade Alan Mackinnon
86 Two Souls of Thomas Picketty Eric Rahim
89 Language and Discourse Chik Collins
94 Women Against Fundamentalism Mary Davis