Theory & Struggle 2017 (No. 118)

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The new-look 2017 issue features articles from Andrew Murray, Jane McDermid and Sitaram Yechury. It focuses on the global impact, in popular movements as well as in art and culture, of the 1917 October Revolution, as part of a wider commemoration during its centenary. 

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118 Editorial Marj Mayo

Research Article

118 The Significance of the October Revolution David Lane
20 The October Revolution and the worker-peasant alliance Prabhat Patnaik
32 The October Revolution and its impact on Germany in the period 1917 to early 1919 Volker Külow
44 The global impact of the October Revolution and the decolonisation of India Sitaram Yechury
56 The October Revolution and the British Labour Movement A century in perspective Andrew Murray
70 The Russian Revolution and Britain’s shop steward movement Graham Stevenson
82 The role of women workers in the 1917 Russian Revolution Jane McDermid

Karl Marx oration 2017

96 Karl Marx oration

Research Article

98 East End Women, Sylvia Pankhurst and the Russian Revolution 1917 to 1922 Mary Davis
108 Andrew Rothstein and the Russian Revolution John Foster
128 The Twentieth Century Press: A fount of socialism Phil Katz
Notes from the Library

137 Notes from the Library, 2016 Meirian Jump

Research Article 

141 Marx: greatness without illusions Eric Rahim
148 Art and politics 1917 Nick Wright
156 October 1917 Christine Lindey


160 Afterword Marj Mayo, Jonathan White