Theory & Struggle 2018 (No. 119)

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Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth in 1818, this issue focuses on political economy and Marxist theory applied to contemporary concerns. It also delves into Marxist approaches to the arts, as well as analyses of past and present trade union strategies, and reflections on the growing activities of the Marx Memorial Library during the past year.



5 - Editorial Marjorie Mayo

Research Article

6 Marxism and political economy: Reading Marx’s Capital Ben Fine
14 Financialisation: past, present and future prospects Malcolm Sawyer
24 The causal primacy of global inequality in the financial crisis Photis Lysandrou
36 Marxism and historical materialism: The Roman Republic and the Spartacus War Paul McFarlane
48 The control of the labouring classes Richard Saville
59 Marxism, literature, reading and the arts: ‘Education for Revolution’ Jane Rosen
70 Aesthetics of Utopia Bess Frimodig
82 Marxism and new developments in science: Artificial intelligence and deep learning Leonardo Impett
93 Marxism and cognitive science Richard Shillcock
100 Trade unions, communities and struggles: US sit-down strikes and their potential: from the Committee for Industrial Organisation to the age of austerity Victor G. Devinatz
107 Is the public sector at the centre of the class struggle? Roger Seifert
118 Fair Funding for All Schools Matthew Dykes
127 Marx Memorial Library activities and events: Radical archives as radical agents Meirian Jump

Karl Marx oration 2018

133 2018 oration at the grave of Karl Marx

Research Article

137 A living and lasting legacy Ralph Gibson
139 A Response to Andrew Murray Martin Levy
145 The intersecting politics of race and imperialism Alex Gordon
148 A family on the front line Jenny Farrell
149 Solidarity in action Marjorie Mayo
150 Workers’ rights and the Brexit debate Michael MacNeil


152 Contributors