Theory & Struggle 2020 (No. 121)

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This issue offers Marxist approaches to understanding the contemporary situation based on Marxist understandings of class, class consciousness and class conflict in capitalist societies.


1 Editorial Marjorie Mayo
Theoretical debates
2 Marx and the British working class John Foster
10 Where next for Britain’s labour movement? Jonathan White
20 Time to rebuild class consciousness Andrew Murray
26 Communist women and the foundation of the CPGB Mary Davis
32 Climate, capital, class and crisis Richard Clarke
44 Marxism and the digital humanities Leonardo Impett
58 Transforming theory for a transforming world
Chik Collins, Peter E. Jones and Marjorie McCrory
International and local issues
68 Struggle in the garment sector Jean Jenkins
78 Bolivia: anatomy of the coup Denis Rogatyuk
86 And whatever happened with Brazil? Julia Spatuzzi Felmanas
98 Equal pay struggles on the Clyde Jennifer McClary
Marx Memorial Library
104 ‘We cannot let the right relegate us to a footnote in history’
Interview with Maxine Peake
108 Three communist educators Mary Davis, Roger Seifert, John Foster
126 Learning through history Meirian Jump
132 The Bernal Peace Collection Joseph Dance
134 Spanish Republican exile Jim Jump
144 Lenin and Harry Quelch
146 Platform Films: socialist history on film Chris Reeves
148 Karl Marx anniversary oration Joginder Bains and Robert Griffiths
156 Reviews
The great British land grab — and what we can do about it Marija Anteric
A polemical picture of humanity’s exploitation of the earth Martin Franklin
Many struggles with a problem in common John Kelly
How the EU encourages the emergence of a right wing John Green
There will be no communism without class struggle Alex Gordon
Inspiration from where the red flag still flies Mary Davis
Science fiction’s troubling reflection of post-Soviet Russia Bill Bowring
Predictions of revolutionary rupture in the Global South Justin Theodra
A fresh look at a leading figure in Europe’s inter-war struggles Matthew Stibbe
What can we learn from the brutal BA strike? Roger Seifert
That privileged point where ‘worker’ and ‘capitalist’ blur Norman Ginsburg
A manual for a different world Michael Edwards
On the importance of evidence in allegations of anti-semitism Mica Nava