Support for the Basque children

In 1937 4,000 children fled the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and arrived on British shores. This was the largest single influx of child refugees in British history. Marking Refugee Week 2019, we have created an online exhibition showcasing items from our Spanish Collection documenting the children's journey, their experiences and the support they received from the British people, with a unique scrapbook on the 'colony' in Worthing as its centre piece.

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Deprived of support from national government, the children were cared for entirely by local communities and activists. 

Appeals were made to raise funds for food and clothing for the young refugees. They also put on fundraising concerts and events to gather support.

A wide range of people and organisations came to their assistance, including people who had the least to give. Some were already involved in a broader Aid Spain movement in support of the democratically elected Republican government. For others, the arrival of the refugees in their local areas brought the reality of war and the rise of fascism in Europe to their attention for the first time.

These flyers are examples of some of these appeals.