Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings on Russia 1917-1919

This book of English-language newspaper cuttings was discovered in Marx Memorial Library, alongside a collection of assorted poems. The majority of the writing inside was related to the Russian Revolution, documenting the situation as it unfolded. The scrapbook was compiled at the time by Joseph E. Matthews, who would later join the Communist Party of Great Britain.

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In general, there was widespread support from European governments and their labour movements for the February Revolution of 1917. The British and French governments, whilst not supporting revolutionary activity, welcomed the new government’s determination to remain in the war. The labour movement, despite being divided on the issue of WW1, nonetheless welcomed the overthrow of Tsarist...

12. Herald Dec 18 1918

Source: The Herald (December 1918): Periodicals, Marx Memorial Library (MML)

23. KentishTownHandsOffRussia 1920

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

22. MML Harry_Pollitt May 1920

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)
Reference: PHOTO_IND_Pollitt,Harry

15. MML George_Lansbury, editor of the Daily Herald, in the East End

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)
Reference: PHOTO_IND_Lanbury,George


Born in Suffolk in 1859, Lansbury...

In defiance of the leadership of the British labour movement who supported WW1 and supported the government’s ban on strikes, rank-and-file trade unionists elected shop stewards who played an increasingly important role during the war. A national network of shop stewards’ committees was formed on the model of the inaugural and most...

The Scandal of Murman Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

Two Memorable Letters

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

The Russian War

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

Volunteers for Russia

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)


Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)