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This website accompanies a special exhibition celebrating the centenary of the Russian Revolution. The exhibition was researched and written by Professor Mary Davis and Tommy Hodgson using the same sources as this site. It was then designed by Angus Reid and printed, first being shown on May Day (International Workers' Day) at the Marx Memorial Library (MML). It was up in the MML hall on display to the public until June 15th, where the project's researchers hosted a talk discussing the Impact of the Russian Revolution. From June 16th to June 26th, it was then on display at the Society for Co-Operation in Russian & Soviet Studies (SCRSS) in Brixton. There was also a talk held by Professor Mary Davis on Friday 23rd June at the SCRSS (pictured below) regarding the significance of the Revolution. On Monday July 10th, the exhibition was on display in the Knowledge Centre at the British Library (pictured below), accompanying a conference on the British Left and their reaction to the Russian Revolution. Professor Mary Davis gave a lecture on this day entitled ‘Sylvia Pankhurst & the Russian Revolution: Pioneering Solidarity’. The exhibition stayed on display at the BL for two other events related to the Russian Revolution over the next few days.

From September 25th-October 13th, the exhibition was up at the Modern Records Centre (MRC) at the University of Warwick. In the picture below, the exhibition is shown on display next to a bust of Tom Mann, which is appropriate considering that Mann was a fervent support of the Russian Revolution, being part of the Hands Off Russia committee. A Hands Off Russia letterhead with his name is also featured in the exhibition.

Between October 23 and October 27, the exhibition was on display in the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland in Belfast. Professor Mary Davis gave a lecture on women in the Russian Revolution on Wednesday October 25.

On November 4, there was an international conference on the Russian Revolution, taking place in the TUC building on Great Russell Street, London. The conference was organised by the Russian Revolution Centenary Committee and featured the exhibition (pictured below), along with various lectures, talks and stalls. Professor Mary Davis also chaired a discussion and gave her own lecture on the crucial role of women in the revolution. The conference was very well attended and featured on BBC Sunday Politics the day after. The final (likely) stop for the exhibition in 2017 was Wallsend Memorial Hall & People’s Centre (the MEM) in Newcastle, from 9 November - 16 November. It accompanied an event commemorating the Russian Revolution featuring talks, music, along with various stalls and workshops. The exhibition making its debut at the Marx Memorial Library on 1st May 2017.