The Russian Civil War

It was almost inevitable that the October Revolution would lead to a devastating Russian Civil War waged by forces hostile to socialism. Indeed, Lenin had predicted this very outcome. At the end of October 1917, a military advance by troops loyal to Kerensky reached the outskirts of Petrograd but was defeated by Red Guards organised by the MRC.

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33. Sputnik_00743936.Ivan Fedko Civil War Hero

Source: Sputnik


Ivan Fedko originally fought for the Imperial Russian Army during World War 1 but joined the Bolsheviks near the war's end. During the Russian Civil War, he...

22. Sputnik_Solemn Promise on Joining Workers’ and Peasants’ Red Army 1919

Source: Sputnik

This agritprop poster by made by artist D. Moor. The original is at the State Lenin Library of the USSR (State Russian Museum...

26. Sputnik – Keep the Revolutionary Pace, Restless Enemy is Not Asleep

Source: Sputnik

This is revolutionary era poster, from 1919, by artist Anatoly Petritsky [1895-1964], with text by poet Aleksandr Blok [1880-1921...

35. Sputnik_00434853.At the grave of counter-revolution 1920

Source: Sputnik

This poster was created by Viktor Deni. It depicts a Priest and a Capitalist figure weeping at the death of the 'counter-revolution'. Many of the names of...

4. Red Guards preparing to repel Kerensky’s counterattack

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)


16. Denikin_Advance_Map

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

Denikin had been an infantry commander in the pre-revolutionary Russian army. After October, he was a key figure in the White army during the civil war and was supported from November 1918 by Britain and...

25. Scrss – portait of Kliment Voroshilov

Source: SCRSS


Voroshilov was an active participant in the 1905 revolution and the two revolutions of 1917. After October 1917 he was a member of the Council of Peoples...

2. Peasants armed themselves in the autumn of 1917 on hearing of General Kornilov’s attempted coup

Source: Marx Memorial Library (MML)

11. Sputnik Kolchak – Shoot every tenth worker and peasant! Kulak and bourgeoisie bowing to Kolchak (seated)

(Source: Sputnik)

Kolchak (seated) is shown holding a flag which bears the...