Russia 1914-1917 - World War 1

Russia's participation in WW1, Bolshevik policy toward WW1 and the period of 'Dual Power', February-October 1917

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Sputnik - Invest in military production. An increase in munitions leads to victory. Pro-war Tsarist Russia propaganda poster. Source: Sputnik 

5. HenrySara MRC – sailors’ soviet
Source: The Henry Sara Collection at the MRC
The first Soviet (or Council) was established in 1905 during a textile strike in Ivanovo (about 250 miles from Moscow). It began as a strike committee but developed...

3. HenrySara MRC – Russian soldiers leaving the front

Source: The Henry Sara Collection at the MRC
Attitude of Russian soldiers:
Russia's participation in the war left millions of their own soldiers dead. The ongoing fighting was...

The Triple Entente was formed between France, Great Britain and Russia as a response to Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy's Triple Alliance (the Central Powers). After Russia went to Serbia's defence during the final Balkan crisis, it then became embroiled in hostilities against Germany and Austria-Hungary who had shared aims in the Balkans in opposition to Russia. This was the spark which...