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Find here slides, notes and course materials related to our education programme and events.

Explore Archives Resource Pack

This listing of archival resources on the history of the Communist Party includes collection references across a number of key UK archival institutions. It was created to coincide with the online conference 'Marking the centenary of the foundation of the Communist Party' hosted by the Society for the Study of Labour History and the Marx Memorial Library on 16 October 2020. 

Full Marx Q&A resource sheet

Every fortnight, usually on a Monday, the Full Marx column in the Morning Star newspaper carries answers from the Marx Memorial Library & Workers’ School tutors to questions that are often asked by members of the public, and by students on its courses.

The Morning Star content here is presented as a Question and Answer resource sheet:  seek an answer to your question by clicking on the links in the article titles, or scroll through to search content by one of five themes: History; Philosophy; Economics; Environment; Revolution. 

Capitalism in Crisis Periodising UK Capitalism- Simon Mohun

A set of slides by Simon Mohun to accompany the MML lecture 'Capitalism in Crisis Periodising UK Capitalism' given on 26 September 2019.

This lecture formed part of a series of keynote lectures focused on the nature of capitalist crisis in the 21st century, delivered by three distinguised Marxist economists, each providing their own distinct analyses against the following context: 

The Nature of Economic Crises in the 21st Century- Michael Roberts

International banking institutions are expressing growing concern about falling global investment, slowing growth and the very high levels of corporate debt. Interest rates are being lowered as a new systematic crsis threatens. In this context our keynote lectures will focus on the nature of capitalist crisis in the 21st century. Three distinguised Marxist economists will provide their own distinct analyses.