Theory & Struggle

Theory & Struggle is the journal of the Marx Memorial Library published by Liverpool University Press. Currently published annually, it features articles that grapple with debates taking place within Marxist circles as well studying critical developments in the labour and progressive movements in Britain and internationally, including movements for gender equality, for racial equality and for peace.

This issue includes the usual combination of articles focusing on political, economic and environmental debates, trade union issues and struggles, news and views from the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School and partner organisations, followed by a reviews section. In addition, this issue includes a new feature which invites contributors to reflect on a book that has influenced their thinking in critical ways. The first article in this series, by the Liberation General Secretary Roger McKenzie, reflects on Angela Davis's autobiography and its significance for equalities struggles.

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Previous Issues

This issue offers Marxist approaches to understanding the contemporary situation based on Marxist understandings of class, class consciousness and class conflict in capitalist societies.

Coinciding with the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth in 1818, this issue focuses on political economy and Marxist theory applied to contemporary concerns. It also delves into Marxist approaches to the arts, as well as analyses of past and present trade union strategies, and reflections on the growing activities of the Marx Memorial Library during the past year.

The new-look 2017 issue features articles from Andrew Murray, Jane McDermid and Sitaram Yechury. It focuses on the global impact, in popular movements as well as in art and culture, of the 1917 October Revolution, as part of a wider commemoration during its centenary. 

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This edition deals with a range of themes related to current struggles, international perspectives from the developing world in particular, and the role of education in the working-class movement. It notably features an interview with Jeremy Corbyn reflecting on his first 100 days as Labour Party leader and the issues that have arisen out of this political development.

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This issue tackles core theoretical concepts of Marxist principles, as well as focusing on topics from MML's education programme, such as the National Question in Britain and the work of activist Claudia Jones. This issue also introduces an expanded review section, to highlight key debates within the readership of Theory & Struggle.

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This inaugural edition of 'Theory & Struggle' explores theories related to Marx's ideas and provides commentary on contemporary working-class movements worldwide. 

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